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Sunday, June 16th, 2013 at 9:37 am  |  1 Comment »


First run in awhile…10K, felt great

Today was the Fathers Day Road Race. I decided not to run
based on that my foot has been a bit sore lately and I didn’t want to push it.
The weather was fantastic and it turned out be a very nice event.  I enjoy watching runners cross the finish line,
full of so much excitement and enthusiasm as they are approaching the last leg
of the run.  It always brings a
smile.  I ordered new running shoes
because the ones I previous purchased appear 
to bother my feet. They are asics but a different model than what I
usually wear. I felt I would give these new one a try today.  So off I went planning for a 10K.  The run was great & my foot felt
fantastic. Remind me that a savings of $30.00 is not worth it, next time pay
the extra and run in the shoes that work best for my feet.  I found I was a little bit winded, however I
look forward to getting stronger again.

Im aiming for getting bit by that running bug again. The
only bug I ever welcome.  Running has
always been amazing for me, I am looking forward to the miles ahead.  I’ve always said Id love to run Chicago
Marathon…Thinking that would be an amazing marathon to aim for in 2014..who

Hope  you’re day was
great…The sun sure felt sweet!!!




  • Type: Run
  • Date: 06/16/2013
  • Time: 09:37:53
  • Total Time: 00:00:00.00
  • Distance: 10 km

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Sunday, April 14th, 2013 at 4:58 am  |  2 Comments »


Pushing forward

It has been ages since Ive blogged. I have been struggling to say the least to keep my focus on my fitness and my energy level has been somewhat low.  Life for me these day have been a roller-coaster ride, but its life eh…part of this journey that we are on. Sometimes its so much easier to succumb  to the lack of energy and just not move…and the results have been, less energy and weight gain.  Taking care of our body and health is really the only thing in life that we can take control of, no one else will do it for us and if anything its the one thing that we can do for ourselves that is really positive. There is no guarantees of course, but doing the best we can is important. In saying that I am really trying to get back on track.

My friend completed a plan for me and I trying to focus and follow it.  I have been doing P90X with a friend three times a week, focusing on arm work…this week we increased our weights, and it made the workout more of a challenge.  I was able to get out on my bike for the first time of the season, It felt amazing..riding always makes me feel like a kid again..flying down over the hills is so much fun. Yesterday I did some hill work. It was crazy running that hill with all my might, making it to the top feeling glad I made many more? but it offers great strength…its all good and feels great when completed. That leaves me with today. I headed out with a friend for a nice slow paced 16K.  It was a nice run, the route was very hilly and offered a challenge for me.  Always feeling like an accomplishment when finished…Like they say. “start full, finish empty”

So thats it my friends..time for Jonelle to get her act together, focus on getting stronger and healthy…physically and mentally.  it all goes hand in hand

I have some events to train for and looking forward to the push. I hope to run the 1/2 marathon in Fredericton on Mothers Day.  Also I am part of the relay offered here in our town, I’ll be doing the 50K cycle. Cheers to moving forward, better health and positive outlook.

Think positive, its brings great rewards

Enjoy your day.


  • Type: Run
  • Date: 04/14/2013
  • Time: 04:58:25
  • Total Time: 1:44:00.00
  • Calories: 1199
  • Distance: 16 km
  • Average Pace: 6:30.03/km

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Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 6:36 pm  |  1 Comment »


Birthday/Recovery Run

Well I’m glad that is behind me..that being the crazy stomach flu.  Just before Christmas, off work for 4 days, better for two days and bam…it got me again! This time it was the throat, chills etc.  Almost 1 week into it I decided to go to the hospital and get some meds, guess I need a little help.  The last couple of days I’m starting to finally feel like me again, except I would like to have more energy.

Last time I ran was December 14th, and I must say I was starting to feel the withdrawal.  Anyway today being my Birthday I decided to jump on the treadmilll and give it a whirl.  After a couple minutes into the run my lower leg started to hurt, dehydration?  Possible.  I stopped and walked for a few minutes and then continued to run. I then remembered that I had slipped on a old pair of runners, so I jumped off and put on the proper shoes.  My leg felt better.  It sure did feel good to be running, even though it was on the belt.  I ran for 30 minutes, building up a sweat, so It was a success.

This coming summer they are having a 1/2 iron man, olympic and other events in our town.  At the present time I’m thinking about the olympic but I sure would love to do the 1/2 because I know it would be a great challenge.  It’s the swimming that has my hesitating.  I am going to get a membership at the local pool, however it is very small.  But I’m thinking better than nothing and I’m aiming to swim 3 days a week.  It’s my technique that really needs some help, and I’m hoping that a couple of friends will help me in this area.  I also hope to get to the city to the larger pool.

Today I purchased from a friend, a set of wheels/tires for my cross bike.  I also ordered a tri suit.  Crossing my fingers the suit will fit. It was an amazing deal so i’m taking a chance.  If all else fails I will reduce to get into it.

So it looks like i’m finally on the road to recovery, and I must say….Thank You!!

Love this quote:  ”don’t lower your goal to the level of your abilities. Instead raise your abilities to the height of your goals”.  That is my focus!

I hope you had a great Christmas. & all the best in the upcoming year.  Have you thought about your goals? decide and move forward towards them with a positive outlook…The new year is upon us, lets strive to make it epic!!!

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 at 6:27 pm  |  No Comments »


14K run followed by X Stretch

Two weeks now into P90X..finishing off the week with a nice run.  The group was going riding today, but my head felt a little wobbly, not sure if it’s from not enough intake or sinus. I rarely have a headache, but yesterday was the day and it made me feel a bit upset in the stomach.  Today still feeling a bit off, I decided I’d try the run instead of the ride.  Ran the first 7k, felt good and decided to carry on for another 7.  It was -6, but no wind and I felt pretty warm, much to my surprise.  After the run, I felt really good, it did the trick!

Tonight I decided to finish off with some X Stretch.  It was an hour of nice stretching and actually felt relaxing.  Really great, looking forward to doing this Dvd again.

It’s always nice to note the routines that you have done, so you can take a look back..over the last two weeks as follows:

Week 1                                                        Week 2

M.   Plyo                                                     Chest and Back & Ab Ripper

T.    Shoulders & Arms/5k Run                   Shoulders and Arms/5k Run

W.   Shoulders and Arms with Keena           Legs and Back with Keena & Ab Ripper

T.    Legs and Back/Yoga                             Chest and Back/Yoga

F.    Kenpo X with Keena                              Plyo with Keena

S     Rest                                                      Rest

S     17K run                                                14K run & X Stretch

Every Wednesday and Friday I have been exercising with my friend, going to her house in the morning before work.  It’s nice having a partner.  Also my daughter has been doing Ab ripper X with me, along with some other workouts.  Its nice seeing the children being active.  I can see that I am toning, that which I really need to work on.  However my thighs are getting bigger, making my pants tight and the scales have been going up.  It’s hard for me to see this, seeing I am addicted to the scales.  I’m sure it’s muscle and all is good.. so at this point I will push forward.  Also I do see that it has improved my running, so it’s paying off. I have decided that every Wednesday night, while I am waiting for the children to finish Karate class, I will use this time productively and run.

Feels great to move and have goals..I’ve been thinking about 2013 and the events that I want to participate in.  Having goals help to keep you going.  I recently asked an avid riding..”tell me, do you look at your fitness, like you want to improve and become stronger?”…”Most definitely” was the reply…Made me feel better, sometimes the push and drive that I have, makes me wonder sometimes if I’m insane :) Guess not, and if I am… I have company :)

 Have a good night!

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Friday, November 16th, 2012 at 10:25 am  |  1 Comment »


Nice Run..

It’s been
awhile since I’ve been out on a run..sure felt good be out in the fresh air,
enjoying the sun and having the pavement under  my feet. 

Seeing that
my glutes need some attention, I’ve been working out at home, doing Brazil Butt
Master Series.  I’m coming to the end of
the second week.  Three Dvd’s are
included in this series..Higher & Tighter, Bikini Body and Ipanema Booty, Higher
and Tighter involves the use of the stability ball..a lot of moves are lying
over the ball, ankle weights on and raising your legs to the ceiling…Bikini
Body involves a lot of upper body work, biceps, shoulder and ab work.  Ipanema Booty is the one Dvd that I find the
most challenging.. Holding weights while doing numerous lunges and squats.  Also on the yoga mat, on hands and knee with
ankle weights on raising legs to the ceiling. The first time I completed
Ipanema Booty, the next day I was feeling sore..felt it walk up stairs, get
into the car etc..I have now completed this workout two more times and today I’m
not sore..and was able to run without any discomfort.  So I think that is a sign that my glutes are
getting stronger.

Today was a
rest day per the schedule, so I thought it would be a good day to run..thought
I’d put things to the test.  It’s been
awhile, so not sure if it’s from the rest of running or the working out, but the
run felt great.  The dreaded Tara Manor
hill felt good, no problems with my legs, glutes etc…a very nice run

I have two
more week to complete Brazil Butt and then I’m moving on to P90X.  Hoping 
to form a group of people who also want to do P90X & Power 90..we
can motivate each other to keep pressing play..P90x is a challenge and an
amazing workout..looking forward to challenge, getting toned and stronger.

today how thankful I am that I’ve had so many people to help me, now I want to
play it forward.

It’s been a
pretty crazy day at work..coming home, squeezing in a run before I had to pick
up my daughter from Basketball.. Returning home to cook supper & then
heading out the door to take another child to an event..Thinking What a crazy
day..then I stop and think about all the people I see each day with limited
mobility, talking to patients at work who cannot get out of their homes because
of illness…puts things into perspective and makes a person realize how
fortunate we are to be able to get outside in the fresh air & put one foot
in front of the other…I’m thankful.


  • Type: Run
  • Date: 11/16/2012
  • Time: 10:25:32
  • Total Time: 00:00:00.00
  • Distance: 13 km

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at 2:42 pm  |  3 Comments »


1st Marathon Experience

Life’s journey…let’s face it we all have
our ups and downs…trials along the way makes us stronger. When I look over my
life, within the trials I would wonder “why?” but I can truly say I
am thankful, for it was within those trials I became a stronger and a better
me…i guess you call it growth.


I remember asking someone “how do you
find the strength to do what you do”…the answer… “you have to
find your why”.. True! my why…was me. 
I wanted to complete this marathon to feel something positive, to do
this for me..I really wish I could explain how important it was to complete
this wasn’t about the was more about the journey and why I
was doing it…


Running…it’s who I am…I love running
and how it makes me feel. injuries have been a part of it..but I have worked on
those issues…pushing forward towards my goal of the marathon which I wanted
so deeply and yet somedays felt like it was totally out of reach…but I had to
push forward because I know I would reget it if I didn’t do this…So
registering for that marathon was the first step…Then unfortunately sickness
struck me…and it took alot of my strength and I questioned if I would ever
make it to the destination I was aiming for…I pushed forward, trying to be
patient with my recovery…taken apprx 9 months before I finally felt 100
percent, it just made me desire that marathon even more…i had to do this.


October 14, the day had come…flying to
Toronto with my friend..I am thankful that we did this together, it being her
first marathon also… Just going to Toronto was a big deal for me.  To travel to a large city, exciting as it
was, made me feel intimidated. The experience of the city was amazing..  The day of the marathon, it was raining
pretty hard.  My friend suggested wearing
a garbage bag to keep dry while we waited for the run to start..  Looking like we might be part for a Halloween
party, we headed toward the start line. Everyone was wearing garbage bags. It
was like a big coming together of runners getting ready to experience what we
love to do.  I stood at the back of the
line of thousands of runners, talking and chatting it up until we were ready to
cross the start line. The rain stopped and the weather couldn’t have been
better for this run.  My mistake was starting
back too far, and trying to get through the crowd to run my own pace.  The course was flat and amazing! A friend
also suggested not to wear my iPod “enjoy the experience, talk to people,
take in the view of the city”…Glad I listened to my friend, because it
added to the experience…I talked to a lot of runners who had travelled from
all over…talking to a bare foot runner, who was running this entire marathon
in his bare feet…pretty awesome! Along the way, bands were playing. Enjoying
the energy of the crowd, cheering on all the runners. All that energy just fed
me even more. Running in my kilt, numerous 
people for the crowd would holler out “love that kilt”..Running in the
city taking in all the views of the tall buildings, the water’s edge etc.. It
was amazing.. Coming into appx  25k I
spotted my friend. Catching up to her and we ran together and chatted it up for
a while…I felt pretty good & can’t believe I didn’t stop running during
this event, except for water stops…until 39k..Another suggestion was not to
walk after 32k because it’s so hard to start again. My legs were starting to
feel so tired. So as much as I really knew I shouldn’t stop, I did for a minute.
As I walked I could feel the knots starting in the back of my claves. So I dug
deep, pushed forward and started to run again…41K..I wish I could explain how
tired and hard it was to push forward, I stopped again…the crowd was cheering
“you’re almost there…keep going!!!” digging deep again, I started
to run…100m to the finish line…I so wanted to stop. But I knew my victory
was there within arm’s reach…closing my eyes, digging as deep as I
could…forgetting my feet, my head, it’s at this point they say you run with
your heart…everything I worked for, the dream I reached for was about to
become mine within minutes…crossing that line was the most incredible
feeling….feeling exhausted, relieved I made it, overwhelmed because I did many feeling flowing together into one…Felt like a dream!  Having that medal placed around my neck…I
felt numb all over.  Grabbing some food
and liquid..I then waited with excitement for my friend to cross the line…I
could see her approaching the line, as she crossed I hollered out her
name…she came throught the gate, we hugged and tears of joy flowed, full of relief
and disbelief that we did it…we really just ran 42.2 K, our first marathon!!!
amazing….and yes within minutes we were saying how incredible it felt to
drive ourselves the point that you feel you have no more to give, digging
within yourself to get to the finish line….and yes we will do it again!  Finishing in 4:37.31…

I will never forget this day….my first


Don’t ever give up on a dream because it may feel too big..don’t ever doubt yourself..if you have the desire, you can make
it happen…dig dip..reach for your goals..move forward..It’s worth every effort,
every bit of sweat and pain…the reward is worth everything…and you are worth it…we
all are…

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Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at 4:56 pm  |  3 Comments »


It’s Tapper time!

As I sit here I kind of smile, thinking of where running has taken me…Starting out at the gym on the treadmill, being overweight..and 3k was my limit. After my membership expired, I hit the road…reaching 5k for the first time I felt like doing the Rocky dance..

It was at this time back in 2009 I notice an ad at the local Save Easy for the running group…I wrote down the number and gave it a call.. Kurt Gumushel answering on the other line…my question was ” are there a lot of girls running?” I didn’t have much confidence and was nervous of joining. “come along” and I guess that is when I got the fever of running. Running with other members and meeting people inspired me. It makes me smile because back then I thought I’d be happy with 5k, then it grew to 10k, 21K and here I am training for my first marathon…something I thought I would never ever think of!

This journey has been pretty amazing, now I help out with the local Father’s Day Event. I have joined Off-Kilter mountain biking which is great cross-training, cycling, yoga etc. Meeting some awesome people along the way..I have received a lot of help with my fitness and have been inspired to push forward.

Kurt is also training for his marathon in November which will be in NY. He mentioned that he would join me on my long run today..we would run 32k..St. Stephen to St. Andrews. I have to admit I was a little nervous of this run. My last long run was a struggle..Seeing he has inspired and helped me with my fitness, I was a bit anxious of bonking in front of him..However I knew, being an avid runner and completing Marathons he would help me with my mileage and my pace…& I am always open for help. So off we set out to do this run.

It was hot at first, but the run was really great. There were times that my legs would tighten up, stopping and doing a little walking helped..Sometimes we take running so seriously..having fun and enjoying the run is what its suppose to be one point I my legs were feeling tight, Kurt was in the zone at this point..turning around running backwards while I caught up…pretty funny and enjoying the run! He indicated..“ note what I have consumed during the run so I would know for future reference…it’s important“.

Starting out with one caffeine Gu

10K consuming another Gu

45 minutes another Gu

Later when needed another one…in total 4.

Appx 2 Gatorade bottles from my hydration belt and the rest was water.

One thing I have to remember when I start getting into the zone and want to increase my speed, hold back because not far up the road you feel the crash…guilty. Also pace abit slower up the hills. After we made it to our destination of 32k..we walked into the Ice Cold Bay..I could feel the relief to my legs…walking out refreshed.

I was very happy with this run and it makes me feel that I am ready for the Marathon…I know I have an additional 10K to run and who knows what could happen…but I’m feeling positive. Can`t express how Grateful I feel to have those who have walked (ran) this road before me, who can help me and give me some guidance..Thanks!!!!

Running…I love it and hope that I will be on the pavement for many years to come!

Until next time

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Friday, September 7th, 2012 at 12:46 pm  |  1 Comment »


29k run..

I ran 21 k last Friday and the run felt really good, legs felt good the next day..I feel my base is 21k…too bad I have to run a lot further! suck it up’re in for the long haul!

This week has been crazy, well I guess you could say the last couple have been a bit nuts…today I was feeling exhausted and thinking of hitting the road was not a very welcoming thought..but I knew I had to do it..its my long run week and I need to train…I’ve been working hard for this up coming marathon..can’t let a little craziness get in the way. I keep saying focus!!

My itband was still a bit sore from the Graston that I had done at the Chiropractor..she knew I was running 29k today so she said she would go easy…my itband had alot of knots, indicating “you’re doing pretty good not to kick me, seeing how tight your leg is”  it really didn’t bother me too bad, but feeling it a bit today. 

My first 6k I was feeling it in my leg, but I felt the run would work it out…and then tighten it up again! LOL…after I got some mileage in my leg felt good..however coming into the last app legs were feeling it and getting tight. itband felt ok..just my legs overall

Not overly excited about my time, however it did involve a little trip into the woods :) just knew I couldn’t make it another hour of running, so ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

taking some sports beans and a powerbar gel during this run…

finished off with a ice cold bath..not much of a reward! but they say it helps…hope that hot shower afterwards didn’t work against it.

this run was difficult come the end..all I could think was..I have 13k + to run in addition to this…man!! No one said it was going to be easy! But I know that it will be worth it…and I’m looking forward to crossing the line…I know it won’t be fast..I just want to finish.

off for some yoga and rolling.

Enjoy your weekend!


  • Type: Run
  • Date: 09/07/2012
  • Time: 12:47:00
  • Total Time: 3:15:00.00
  • Calories: 2251
  • Distance: 29 km
  • Average Pace: 6:43.59/km

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 1:21 pm  |  No Comments »


Long time running! Felt pretty good!

well completed the 21 k race with my friend..It was an awesome time and we crossed the finish line together..It was a lot of fun & awesome to see him accomplish this! Everyone liked the tarzan and jane outfits…explaining to my friend that I was glad he was running with me…kind of explained the outfit! finishing at 2:07..a hilly race.  we were aiming for 2hours however I am happy with that time..last 1/2 I ran was 2:10 & it was can’t complain.  First 1/2 for my friend who only trained less than 2 months…pretty sweet!

The marathon is fast approaching.  Last increase was 25k and my itband was feeling it pretty day it was very tight…so I have been focusing on daily yoga, stretching, foam rolling and strength exercises given to me from my phyiso…I was a bit concerned about the race, but my leg felt great. The only complaint I have, was I felt sick to my stomach for about 2 hours after finishing the race…not sure if hydration or lack of food…it is a learning game.

Tonight I went out for 27k..I’ve decided to try to get off this country road, some places the level of the road is hard on my leg…so I went into town, circled town, back out and then headed back to town again..coming home, I was at 25k..Living in the valley of two hills, of course that meant I had to venture up the hill to get my mileage…felt my knee 1/2 way up the hill so decided to walk a bit and then continue to run..I decided to take my fuel belt and have some intake of gatorade..along the way I took some honey stingers and also a hammer gel..This run felt pretty stomach felt good and my legs felt a lot better than my previous 25k…It was slow but I am happy with it.  This is the critical time to focus and not get injured.

This weekend I’m off to a chi running clinic in halifax..looking forward to the workshop.

My training plan up to my marathon

My long runs for each week:

tonight 27k

next week  20K

Next long run 29K

following week 20K

Next long run 32K

taper 3 weeks until Marathon….Hope this works!

Slow as a turtle but moving forward :) 



  • Type: Run
  • Date: 08/21/2012
  • Time: 13:21:59
  • Total Time: 2:57:00.00
  • Calories: 2044
  • Distance: 27 km
  • Average Pace: 6:33.44/km

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Sunday, August 5th, 2012 at 9:19 am  |  1 Comment »


Awesome vacay/Duathlon..time to focus!

Had a great vacation this was fantastic, camping on the beach..children had an awesome time swimming everyday..really nice stuff.  This year I participated in my 1st duathlon which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile..It was alot of fun and I must say I’m hooked. To push myself outside my comfort zone, training for a tri would be interesting…and if not I am thinking about an olympic distance re duathlon..time will tell.. next summer gives me lots of time..

A friend loaned me his wheels/skinny tires and I could not believe the difference it made in the ride..Like a totally different bike! we went out for app 40k..when we arrived back and I looked at my garmin I was shocked because it really felt like 20K.  It was hot the day of the event..8am and it was 22.  & the event didn’t start until 9:25.  The first run was 5k and it was very hot..thinking “I have to ride 20K after this”..but the bike cooled me off and I became pretty hyped come the last part of the ride…I was pretty pleased with my finish time..1:30 41. 

I have a 21k coming up on the 12 of august…a challenge between a friend of my who is 6′5″ i think..he hasn’t been running before the challenge…the last one across the line takes a nice pludge in a mud…He has been doing amazing, & rumour has it..he has quit smoking this last week…I think I might be getting muddy..We are dressing as tarzan and jane..pretty funny!

After arriving home I looked at my calendar re my marathon coming up in October..yikes I am behind on my training..time to really focus.  So I went out on a 23 k run…I was feeling good so extended the turn around point..making almost 26k.  coming home my leg started..stupid itband! I was at 23 and I should have stopped my garmin and walked the rest of the way home..but i pushed through..stupid! my leg was really sore the next day, that bruised feeling..not good.  So I really focused..doing yoga every day, stretching, foam rolling a couple time a day and doing physio x2 a day…after 4 days of rest I went out today for a test run of 7k…leg feeling alot better..thank god!!! you really have to respect this sport, especially when you have a weakness.  off to the chiropractor on wed.

This week I plan to just take it easy re the running. a couple short runs and bike a bit is hard to sit still!



  • Type: Run
  • Date: 08/05/2012
  • Time: 09:19:11
  • Total Time: 00:00:00.00
  • Distance: 7 km

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